Relax & Unwind - Bath Soak

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Relax & Unwind - Bath Soak
Relax & Unwind - Bath Soak
Relax & Unwind - Bath Soak
Formulated for tired bodies and stressed minds.

Bringing the benefits of a sea mineral spa bath to the convenience of your bathroom, this delightful blend of mineral rich sea salts is infused with the relaxing benefits of organic chamomile flowers and premium grade essential oils, for an opulent bathing experience.

Aroma; soft, floral with a hint of citrus.
Appearance; loose, dry blend of salts, minerals and florals. 
Skin type; all skin types. 

Formulators notes...

Dead Sea Minerals ~ Conditioning

  Magnesium  ~ Restoring

Pink Himalayan Crystals  ~ Nourishing

Pacific Solar Dried Sea Mineral Blend  ~ Replenishing

"I mindfully selected each mineral blend based on its efficacy and known beneficial skin properties, I individually paired each mineral blend the with a premium essential oil that I selected for its relaxing, calming or cleansing properties. The blends where individual infused in there own casket for 10-14 days to allow maximum absorption and even distribution of the beautiful aroma. Once infused the blends where carefully layered based on density to ensure optimum freshness and topped with a layer of air-dried organic chamomile flowers to calm and relax both skin and mind."

Directions: For regular bathing add one handfuls to a warm bath to infuse the water with minerals for your body to absorb. For a 'super soak session' add up to 1/3 of the bag to your bath. Soak for at least 20 minutes to soothe muscles, nourish the skin and relax the mind.
  Size: 320g *approx 10-12 regular baths / or 3 super soaks *
Packaging: 100% recyclable resealable plastic. 85% less plastic.
Caution: Hot or warm baths should not be used by people with certain medical conditions, except on the advice of a physician (including pregnant or breastfeeding women). Keep out of reach of children.

Australian Made | Cruelty Free | Paraben Free | SLS/SLES Free | Vegan Friendly | Ocean Friendly | Artisan Crafted | Non-GMO | No Artificial Colours | No Artificial Fragrances | Small Batch | Botanical + Mineral Actives

 Ingredients:  Sea Minerals, Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals, Magnesium, Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Sweet Australian Orange, Organic Chamomile Flowers. 
* This product contains natural ingredients therefore the formulation may change slightly from time to time due to the seasonality of the natural ingredients and environmental factors that can sometimes effect availability. Please see packaging for current ingredients or contact us. *

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