To create authentic, clean, Ocean friendly, Australian grown skincare purposefully formulated to fulfil the needs of those that live and love the saltie life.


    “Saltie Soul came about as a way of fullfilling my needs of wanting beautiful skin whilst living a saltie lifestyle. As I advanced in my knowIedge of skincare formulation I very quickly discovered how bad some of the ingredients frequently used in popular products were for both your skin and the ocean life. I set out to change this, not only did I want to share my unique formulations with fellow saltie souls, I want to breakdown barriers and truly create the most sustainable, ocean friendly skincare range. I want to elevate the standards in the industry and pioneer a range of product that is truly local."

    Katie Stoddart Founder + Formulater 

Putting The Planet Before Profits Is Important To Us


Be Ocean Friendly

We are committed to being Ocean friendly, by ensuring our products are free from ingredients that could be harmful to waterways, the Ocean and Saltie Souls.

We aim to create awareness for the Saltie Souls of the sea that don't have a voice, bringing attention to the environment in which they thrive and supporting Ocean initiatives. 

Use Simple Packaging

It's important that we select the packaging that has the least negative impact on the environment, and not succumb to the industry standard of using packing as a means of manipulating the consumers perception of the product.

90-100% Australian Grown

We believe the quality of the finished product is a true reflection of the ingredients used. We are committed to using local ingredients grown and produced in Australia, we don't dilute our products and keep them free from unwanted nasties, colours, micas and fragrances. We formulated for product efficacy, potency and purpose.

Self-Made Authentic Recipes

All our recipes are authentic and formulated by us, our products are all lovingly crafted in our own coastal stuidio on the northern NSW coast. We make limited edition, seasonal products formulated to meet the needs, values and lifestyle of sea-lovers and coastal dwellers.

Made For You

YOU’RE A lover of the sea or coastal dweller,

You Prefer to support local business’, not mass sellers.

You care for the planet, ocean to ground

And want beautiful, HEALTHY skin all year round.