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About Saltie Soul

creating the most exquisite bathroom treats from the finest ingredients

Saltie Soul brings you the Natural Goodness From The Sea in an ardently formulated range of bathology and body care products, designed for those that live or love the #SaltieLife. Saltie Soul combines the finest blend of naturally evaporated sea minerals with real organic fruit extracts, cold-pressed oils, fruit butters, natural minerals and therapeutic grade essential oils, to produce only the finest and most authentic range of products to care for your skin.


"At Saltie Soul we believe in fighting hard for our oceans, to protect their beauty and allow all saltie souls manatees to mermaids, to swim happy and be FREE."


Saltie Soul Values

Since established Saltie Soul’s values have and always will, remain the same:

• Always be ocean friendly.

• Bring the natural goodness of the sea into fun, fresh and original bathroom treats.

• Create awareness for the saltie souls of the ocean that don’t have a voice.

"We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun, it just the #SaltieLife"

"Dead Sea Salts are widely recognised not only for their relaxing and skin conditioning properties, but also for their detoxifying, restoring and healing, properties.”

Saltie Soul use the finest naturally evaporated, mineral rich Dead Sea salts, solar harvested from the south shores of the Dead Sea in Israel, where the mineral content of the waters is at its highest. The Dead Sea’s unique waters have a sodium composition of only 12–18%, compared to 85% in normal ocean water, making it extremely replenishing and mineral rich with more than 21 skin-loving minerals.

"It is our goal to one day use packaging that is made completely or partially from recycled Ocean plastic waste. Until then we encourage you to upcycle and recycle.”

"As a matter of pride and commitment to producing the highest quality products we strictly comply with international organic mineral standards for the both the storage and handling of salts and sea minerals and thus and DO NOT store or sell any of our salts or mineral products in foil-lined packaging"

Founding Bathologist

formulating exquisite bathology and bodycare products

"Hello, my name is Katie, when I am not in the ocean enjoying the #saltielife and learning more about the #saltiesouls of the sea, you can find me in my studio in Salt Village, NSW ardently formulating the most unique bathology & bodycare products. I learnt the basis of bathology from my great-grandma who made the finest soap, salt soak and body scrub recipes for people with troubled skin back in the days when all skincare was made fresh, using only food-grade ingredients, herbal tinctures and dried florals. I strongly believe the quality of the finished product is a true reflection of the purity and quality of the ingredients used, I work hard at sourcing the finest ingredients and even harder in producing the most fresh, functional and natural products to spoil yourself with.


"A TRUE SALTIE SOUL IS JUST LIKE THE OCEAN... pretty enough on the surface, but dive deep into their depths and you will find beauty most others will never see. Live and love the #SaltieLife."


Beauty Is Ocean Deep #BanTheBead

how this little Australian company with good intentions got started...

Saltie Soul started as instagram account that fought hard to raise awareness for issues effecting the Ocean particularly microbeads. [Microbeads are synthetic plastic beads commonly found in most commercial exfoliating body washes and face scrubs.] Saltie Soul wanted to emphasise how Microbeads were simply a cheap alternative in cosmetic products and had no purpose, so drawing on the formulation experience of founding bathologist, the team worked hard at producing their own range of all natural, high-quality MICROBEAD FREE body scrubs. The scrubs were not only completely Ocean friendly but also contained skin-loving sea minerals that were incredibly beneficial to many skin conditions.

The body scrubs were developed from a trialled and tested 3rd generation spa formula recipe, previously used to treat skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. They were designed to mimic the benefits your skin experiences when on a summer holiday spending your days dipping in an out of the warm sea, with concentrated sea minerals and moisturising fruit oils. Following the success of the body scrubs and the worldwide action to put a ban to the use of microbeads, Saltie Soul has grown into a flourishing Ocean inspired range of the most exquisite and unique bathology and bodycare treats bringing the Natural Goodness Of The Sea into the convenience of your bathroom.