Where It All Began


Beauty Is Ocean Deep #BanTheBead

How this little Australian company with good intentions got started...


Saltie Soul all began from an instagram account (back in 2014) that fought hard to raise awareness for issues effecting the Ocean particularly microbeads. [Microbeads are synthetic plastic beads commonly found in most commercial exfoliating body washes and face scrubs.] Saltie Soul wanted to emphasise how Microbeads were simply a cheap alternative in cosmetic products and had no purpose, so drawing on the formulation experience of founding bathologist, the team worked hard at producing their own range of all natural, high-quality MICROBEAD FREE body scrubs. The scrubs were not only completely Ocean friendly but also contained skin-loving sea minerals that were incredibly beneficial to many skin conditions.

The body scrubs were developed from a trialled and tested 3rd generation spa formula recipe, previously used to treat skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. They were designed to mimic the benefits your skin experiences when on a summer holiday spending your days dipping in an out of the warm sea, with concentrated sea minerals and moisturising fruit oils. Following the success of the body scrubs and the worldwide action to put a ban to the use of microbeads, Saltie Soul has grown into a flourishing Ocean inspired range of the most exquisite and unique bathology and bodycare treats bringing the Natural Goodness Of The Sea into the convenience of your bathroom.