The Save Our Saltie Soul #SOSS initiative was created to help create awareness for the devastation incorrect plastic disposal is having to our Oceans and help educate friends on the small changes we can all embrace that could potentially make a big difference to the ocean environment.



How Saltie Soul Is Leading The Way In Plastic Reduction

At Saltie Soul we have created our own strict in-house process for deciding the most suitable packaging for each product that has the least negative impact on the environment, you can read more about this here. By dedicating a sizeable amount of resources to researching the most eco-friendly packaging options, implementing a strict packaging vetting system and applying the principles of the plastic economy, we believe that although we are a small Australian company we can make a BIG difference and proudly become an example of which other businesses can follow. We have taken strides to applying the principles of the "New Plastic Economy" to our packaging by;

  • working to eliminate all unnecessary and problematic single-use plastic packaging through redesign and innovation, and

  • ensuring all plastic packaging is reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable.


No Waste - Always upcycle plastic containers where possible and recycle all unwanted plastics.

Reduce Single-use Plastics - Replace single use plastics with reusable items to help reduce recycling and landfill waste.

Avoid Microbeads - Although most countries have banned the use of microbeads in personal care and cosmetic products you should still be on the look out for offenders, don't use products that contain microbeads.

Pick It Up - Take a bag with you on your beach walk or trip out to sea and pick up any plastics, every little helps. Alternatively participate in your local beach clean up days.

Knowledge Is Power - Spread the word on plastic pollution and stay up to date with the latest initiatives. Inform others of the environment impact of plastic pollution and help make a change.

Donate & Support - Many non-profit organizations are working to tackle the problem of ocean plastic pollution, these organisations rely on donations to continue their important work, even a small donation can make a big difference.


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