Beauty Is Ocean Deep #BanTheBead

How this little Australian company with good intentions got started...


It all started from a passion project (back in 2014) to #BanTheBead and expose hidden plastics and ocean toxic ingredients in skincare and cosmetics. The Ban-The-Bead campaign was ignited to expose the pointless and problematic use of  micro-beads fun skincare products.

[Micro-beads are synthetic plastic beads that used to be commonly found in most commercial exfoliating body washes and face scrubs.] 

They were used as a simpler and cheaper alternative to natural exfoliants in many oral health, skincare and cosmetic products. With a willingness to lead by example Katie (founder of Saltie Soul) put to market a highly effective sea mineral body scrub, made from 100% natural and ocean friendly ingredients that rivalled most Spa Formula exfoliants and far surpassed synthetic alternatives. 

The body scrubs were developed from a trialled and tested 3rd generation spa formula recipe, previously used to treat skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. Following the success of the body scrubs and the worldwide action to put a ban to the use of microbeads, Saltie Soul developed into an Ocean friendly skincare company formulating products from Australian grown ingredients to meet the lifestyle, values and environmental stressors of beach goers, coastal dwellers and sea lovers aka Saltie Souls.

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