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Eco-Conscious Packaging

Our product packaging is just as important to us as the quality of the product itself. Everyone needs to come together and change our mindsets on how we use plastic, we all need to do our part to dispose of plastic correctly or re-use where we can. When we have to use plastic for packaging we make sure it has the least impact to the environment especially waterways and oceans. We ensure that is durable, simple and versatile so it can be up-cycled into a myriad of post-scrub uses. We opt for plain white pigment free plastics and ensure labels are easy to remove so they can be easily recycled in any household recycle bin in Australia.

When assessing the usability of product packaging and the impact it has on the environment we address the following criteria:

1. The environmental impact of the manufacturing process of the product

This includes considering how much energy and water is required, what raw materials are used and how much ppollution is omitted.

2. The weight of the packaging

The lighter and smaller the product the smaller Carbon footprint it will have during transport and distribution - Packaging must be clean, sterile, airtight and moisture resistant Water and air can quickly degrade the quality of the product and its shelf life.

3. The packaging must be food-grade

If it is good enough to store food then it is good enough for our products.

4. The suitability of the packaging for preserving and stabilising the product itself

Some raw materials can react with certain packaging and potential effect the quality of the finished product. We don’t store or sell sea minerals, or salts based products in foil lined bags or metal containers, as they have the potential to corrode the metal and destroy the organic character of the salt.

5. Ensuring all plastic packaging is reusable, recyclable, or compostable

Inline with our the New Plastic Economy principles, if we must use plastic we want it to either be the highest quality so it can be up cycled and re-used, it must be readily recyclable and if we need to use single use plastic they must be biodegradable.

6. The recyclability and biodegradability of the packaging

We want to make recycling, up-cycling easy for the end user so we always make sure labels are kept to a minimum and easy to remove, plastic is free from coloured pigments and either white or clear. We great to create depths to ensure that items that can be recycled and are biodegradable can be disposed of with ease in Australia.