meet the founder...

Saltie Soul founder Katie Stoddart lives in the beautiful coastal town of Kingscliff with her surfboard aficionado partner (of surfboard company Shapers Australia + Shapers.Surf) and their two daughters, superhero turned water-obsessed Harlie Hope and mermaid in the making Summer Bettie. 

Alternating between enjoying the saltie life, growing a small business solo and trying to support two beautiful girls with rare neurological disorders, Katie is an ocean-loving maverick that likes to keep the planet beautiful and hopes to make waves in the skincare industry.

In her pre-baby life Katie worked hard at fulfilling her dream of moving from the land-locked, grey city of Birmingham UK, to live the Saltie Life in the golden sands of Australia, surfing her way around the coastal towns and completing a bachelor and masters degree in business and numerous microbiology and cosmetic courses. 

A Marketing Specialist and Formulator Enthusiast, Katie spent more than a decade of her pre-Saltie Soul life working in the healthfood, natural skincare, surfing and luxury goods sectors. While pregnant with Harlie she decided to turn her social media led passion project, #BanTheMicroBead into an Ocean Friendly skincare company, Saltie Soul. 

What started out as a natural skincare company that focused on the toxic ingredients the products DODN’T contain, slowly evolved (thanks to bushfires, floods, pandemic, floods, new wave of pandemic and more floods,) into a one-of-a-kind niche business, with a new focus on the ingredients the products do contain. Formulating unique products that solve the skincare problems of sea lovers, beach goers and coastal dwellers, whilst ensuring the ingredients are all locally sourced, sustainable, nutrient dense and highly effective. 

Over the years Katie has had some little mentions, a few interviews and the occasional tiny front cover photo in the below publications, on the topics of; volunteering and helping flood victims, modern day marketing, surfing, raising kids with rare disorders and ocean mindfulness for children with additional needs. 

BBC NEWS, 2UE Radio, Empower Business Magazine, Thats Life, Mindful Puzzles

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